The National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA) was organized to create a network among minorities who are employed by insurance companies or self-employed in the insurance industry. Pooling this wealth of talent contributes to the growth of the association and its members through sharing of professional experience, knowledge, and information.

NAAIA will attempt, on a continuous basis, to promote professionalism in a manner that will lead to industry recognition and future career opportunities. NAAIA shall coordinate the national efforts of the African-American insurance organizations and professionals.

The organization will also invite individual memberships from those who do not have a local chapter in their area. If interest does exist to build a local chapter in a respective city, the NAAIA will contact the nearest member association for follow up.

NAAIA shall engage in the following activities: quarterly newsletter, plan and promote national conferences, advocacy involving national issues, has an influence in many insurance-related areas, and maintain an insurance database.