Frequently Asked Questions



What does NAAIA mean?
NAAIA is the acronym for the National African-American Insurance Association.

When was NAAIA established?
NAAIA was established and chartered March 5, 1997 in Cincinnati, Ohio by its Founder, Jerald L. Tillman, LUTCF.  Mr. Tillman, early in his insurance career, saw a need to create a platform for the growing population of African-American insurance professionals to network and share information for career development and business opportunities.

How many members are there of NAAIA?
NAAIA has an estimated 1,800 member profiles.  Approximately 70% of the Members are associated through our Chapters.  The remaining 30% are Members-at-Large and receive National Member benefits, only.  Members-at-Large, typically represent individuals in areas where Chapters do not currently exist.

Who are NAAIA’s constituents?
The NAAIA is a resource for African-American insurance professionals from all practices including insurance agencies, brokers, insurers, underwriters, claim adjusters, recruiters, legal & financial professionals, etc.  Additionally, the NAAIA represents African-American consumers of insurance by serving as a resource for information.

Is NAAIA exclusively for Independent agents?
NAAIA was formed by a group of African American agents and brokers and insurance corporate professionals.  A few of that original group were members of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association, however many of our present members are employed with captive carrier companies.  Our Founder, Jerald L. Tillman, began his insurance career as a career agent with Aetna Life & Casualty, and then eventually started his own independent agency, JL Tillman Insurance Agency, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio.  NAAIA welcomes all persons actively engaged in the insurance industry, and also people in industry related fields.

Is NAAIA comprised of only persons from P & C carriers?
NAAIA is comprised of people from across the industry.  Many of our members are from the Life Insurance and Financial Services side of the industry.

Is the NAAIA comprised of only African-Americans?
NAAIA currently directs most of the resources of our organization toward benefits and value for African Americans employed in the insurance industry, but NAAIA accepts members from all ethnicities. We do not exclude anyone who feels they could benefit from the NAAIA experience.  Membership is open to anyone whom believes in our mission.

How many Chapters make up the NAAIA?
Today, the NAAIA has Chapters in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Milwaukee, New York, Philadelphia, Northeast Ohio, and Washington, DC.

What if there is not a local chapter in my area?
If there is not a chapter located nearby, a new member would be registered with the National organization with all rights and privileges.  If a member chooses later to align with a local chapter, he/she may exercise that option by notifying National of their chapter choice.  In areas where there is a local chapter established, the new member has the choice of opting to only hold membership in the National organization.

What are the benefits of Membership?
Members of the NAAIA can network within the organization for business opportunities, job opportunities and information, access to affordable educational opportunities on relative subjects, including professional development.  Our members are from across the country and from many carriers; and this provides many unique opportunities for our members to broaden their knowledge while offering a greater exposure to the industry as a whole. The benefits are provided at the local level through the Chapters, as well as nationally, through events including the Annual Conference and Eastern Regional Conference, and also the newsletter and website.  The website is a vast vehicle for useful data that supports member growth but also advocates national issues while strengthening our influence in insurance-related concerns.  The NAAIA website has a Career Center to support the changing needs of our members.  NAAIA members are afforded special discounts by many major vendors and suppliers.

How can I become a Member of NAAIA?
You can become a Member through a local Chapter.  Local Chapter website links and/or contact information can be found at  Also, you can become a Member-at-Large with online registration at or by calling (866) 56-NAAIA to request an application.

With what organizations are the NAAIA affiliated, partnered or associated?
The NAAIA works with other organizations to increase benefits to its members and provide resources.  Therefore, we partner with the following organizations on either local or regional levels:

- National Association of Insurance Women
- Insurance Information Institute
- NeighborWorks America
- Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America
- Howard University
- Financial Service Professionals

How is the organization structured?
The National Board of Directors (NBOD) consists of 13 persons, reflective of the broad insurance community.  The 13 persons are led by a Chairman and Executive Committee of the Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  The NBOD maintains consistency throughout the organization through policies and procedures as led by the By-laws.  The NBOD supports the local Chapters with the planning and implementation of member benefits, as well as coordinating National benefits such as the Annual Conference.  Finally, NBOD maintains relationships with corporations and other organizations to further the NAAIA’s capabilities to support its mission.

The Chapters Board of Directors (CBOD) is consistent with the NBOD.  However, the CBOD is led by a President and cabinet of the Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  CBOD is responsible for membership recruitment, planning and implementing member benefits at the local level.

What is an Affiliate Association?
An Affiliate Association is an organization that has joined the NAAIA as a group to secure the NAAIA National Member Benefits.  The NAAIA seeks to exist in territories where there are little or no vehicles for the minority insurance professional.  However, in certain areas, pre-existing, credible professional insurance organizations are operating.  With that, the NAAIA offers an Affiliate Association Membership for the organization to join as a group, so that the NAAIA can extend its benefits to the Affiliate Association.  And, the Affiliate Association maintains its identity and is self-governed.

Does NAAIA offer Scholarship Opportunities?
Yes, NAAIA offers scholarships, through the J.L. Tillman Scholarship Fund, to college students and adults seeking to pursue degrees, continuing education and designations within the insurance industry.  Also, many local Chapters offer scholarship opportunities in their respected geographic areas.  To request a scholarship application and guidelines, please contact the NAAIA administrative offices at (866) 56-NAAIA or send an email to [email protected]

I am not ready to join, but I want to stay updated on NAAIA activities.
Any person wishing to receive information about NAAIA activities while considering a decision to join is encouraged to remain in touch.  A person can register on our website as a “contact only” category.  This will place the person on our distribution and mailing list only.  One can also join our group listing on, which will provide contact information only.

I am not sure if my company would approve of my affiliation.
NAAIA has earned the respect of most carriers across the country.  These carriers have found that value as a networking and resource tool had assisted in the professional growth of the employee member.  We know of no carrier that has discouraged membership in NAAIA.  We encourage you to contact your company’s Human Resources Dept. to learn of any specific guidelines within your company.

How do I contact the NAAIA?
If you have a question about NAAIA, contact us at:

1718 M Street, NW, Box #1110
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (866) 56-NAAIA
Fax: 202-478-5181
E-mail: [email protected]